The Eogs-Personal Narrative

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“Okay students the eog’s are in 4 weeks!” said MS. Casey. I wasn’t worried at all. I knew I was going to ace this, for sure! One thing, MS. Casey doesn’t. Ever since my dad joined the army, we’ve been moving around the whole United States. I was never able to make friends, if I did, we’d always moved a month or so later. I stayed quiet, and people didn’t want to be friends with quiet people. Since I was shy and quiet the teacher thought I was dumb even though I wasn’t. There was 3 weeks until the eog’s. We were in math, with MS. Casey, and the she called on me to answer a question, “Kassandra, what is ½ multiplied by 8?” I was so scared I didn’t even remember my name. My hands were shaking like a big, angry rattle snake, schish schish shish. I didn’t know what to say so I just acted like I was sleeping. I snoored louder than a furry, gigantic grizzly bear during its hibernation, zZzZzZz. Ever since that day she hated me, for some weird reason. The teacher called my mom and said, “Hello, I called to tell you that your daughter is a …show more content…

Cynthia said she wanted to do a project with Taylor and me. It was a paper airplane project and we loved paper airplanes! She said that we were supposed to make a paper airplane and design anyway that we wanted. Then fill it in when things you think it will be able to do. Then fill it in with things that we think we can’t do. I said that my paper airplane will be able to fly and one day becomes an actual airplane for US airlines. We tested out our planes and mind didn’t fly. I was sad, very sad.Taylor sad, “Don’t worry. It just takes time and practice”. It was the eog’s day or what I like to call, Game time! I felt confident in taking the eog’s and passing since Taylor trained. She said that she also feels confident in taking the eog’s since I trained her. Ms. Cynthia was also confident in us. Then we took the test. We got the test results a day before the last day of school. Taylor and I

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