The Fault In Our Stars Movie Vs Book

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E ven though the novel and picture versions of The Fault in Our Stars are similar in plot and characterisation, the book portrayed the moral of the story more meaningfully with extensive, emotional dialect.

The plot is the same in both the book and film, but each of them have specific minor changes. In John Greens novel, Hazel is a vegetarian, is extremely cancerous and very depressed. Similarly, Augustus has two siblings, is an uncle to his sisters’ children and had a previous girlfriend who Hazel would be very inquisitive about later in the text. While the movie maintains certain romantic elements such as: “It would be a privilege to be heartbroken by you, Hazel Grace.” (pg.176) it loses its validity in other areas such as finding out
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This is another extreme close-up was of her nubbins to show that she can’t breathe this explained what sought of cancer she had without knowing what type of cancer she had. At the end of the movie there are some flash backs to show what Hazel and Augustus did before he died and in one of those flashbacks was a close-up of them talking really close to reach other. An additional close-up was Hazel laughing at a joke Augustus made on their date in Amsterdam. Mid shots were taking at the beginning of the picture when hazel was in the hospital and her mum and the doctor were saying she was depressed. This mid shot was trying to show what it was like to be in a hospital with cancer. A long shot was used at the end of the movie looking up at the sky to show the stars and refer to Gus’s quote “my thoughts are like stars they can’t fathom into constellations.” (pg.311). Some language choices the author John Green chose were “preternaturally huge, like his whole head was basically just his fake eye and his real eye staring at you” (pg.6) This is an example of a simile about Isaac. A case of a metaphor used is “the sun was like a toddler instantly refusing to go to bed: it was past eight thirty
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