The Feminist Movement During The 1960's

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1. Describe American life during the 1950s. How do these events affect America today and how are they different from today’s world?

2. What is the Feminist Movement? Why did it take place during the 1950s and 1960s? What were some of the achievements of the movement? Have we made progress for women in America?

Civil Rights Movement

1. Identify the violent and non-violent sides within the movement. Who joined the different sides? What where the benefits and challenges within the two sides?

2. What are the differences between the Civil Right’s Movement of the 1950s and 1960s with the Black Lives Matter Movement today? Have we made progress?

Vietnam War

1. The United States was far wealthier, had better technology, and a more stable government. How is it possible that the Vietnamese Communist forces are considered to have won the war?

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Describe the view of the war in America? How did it affect families? How did the role of the media affect the view of the war?


1. Who was the most effective president between the periods of 1945 to the present? Justify your answer.

2. The Cold War dominated American foreign policy for nearly five decades. What are the positives and negatives of this conflict with the USSR? What were the major differences between the two

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