The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth Essay

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I Don’t Know, LVA, What Does This Book Mean To Me? I chose The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth because it was the first book I noticed on the list. Before I even read the other titles, I knew this book would interest me. However, after in depth research about the book, I realized The Geeks is filled with very intriguing topics about the high school experience I never thought to question before. For example, the main point of this book is the shocking discrepancy between success in high school and success in adulthood, which has occurred to me before, but it was never a burning question that was in my mind. I loved every minute of reading this book. The way Alexandra Robbins peered into the lives of these seven people was exciting and I found myself relating to each of these characters in unique ways. In a way, this book resembles a reality show; I get to learn about and figure out people who are simply trying to survive high …show more content…

Danielle has problems communicating with people her own age, maintaining friendships with them, and she has different interests than them, causing her to distance and exclude herself (68). I relate to this, but in a different way. Unlike Danielle, I have a friend group that is similar to me in what I like and how I act. I’m happy with my social life. However, I have trouble communicating with men in general. I can easily communicate with women; when it comes to men, however, I freak out. Oftentimes, men greet me with stereotypical masculine phrases (such as a waiter saying, ‘hey boss’ when I walk into a restaurant). Whenever I’m around men, I can feel an aura of masculinity and dominance to which I can’t relate. This is due to my submissive and formal nature, which is no match for hyper-masculinity. My friend groups and the people I talk to daily are often girls, because they don’t intimidate me and I feel equal to

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