The Giver Conflicts

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The book I read was The Giver it is about a boy named Jonas and where he lives there is no conflict, color, hate, love, they got rid of those things to make peace. Jonas and everyone that is the age of twelve are assigned jobs by the chief elder. At the ceremony everybody in Jonas class was assigned their jobs, and Jonas was skipped everyone thought she forgot Jonas, but she didn't Jonas was assigned Receiver of Memory the most important job in their community.This story is told in third person point of view. The story The Giver takes place in I do not know. When or where this story takes place. The kinds of conflict in The Giver are person vs. society, person vs. fate, and person vs. person.
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During his training he saw an elephant shot and killed and he said, "Why do people kill other living things." When he was leaving he said, "I'll be careful."
Jonas changes when he learns a way to take what was stolen from him and everyone else in the community. Love, color, hate, family, feelings, emotions, happiness, the feeling of being free to do anything, dancing, religion, playing sports, and anything else that was taken from him and the community. What I feel about this character and why. Is that he is brave to take back what was taken from him and everybody in the community. One scene from the book is when Jonas finds a map of the stone towers that sealed away the things that were taken from him by the chief elder and so the only way to get them back is if he gets out of the giant land in the sky the place where he and the community live and goes back down to earth and cross the stone towers field but if he does that he can never go back to the community, but he gives back what was stolen from him and everyone in the community by the chief elder. And Jonas became a hero in their community.
The novel ends by Jonas giving back what was stolen from him and everyone by

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