The Great Depression: President Hoover Vs. Roosevelt

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Hoover V. Roosevelt
Starting in October of 1929, lasting a decade, The Great Depression striked. This was a global economic crisis that originated in the United States. This caused many Americans to lose their jobs, houses, and hope. The President of the United States hoped they could fix this crisis that was caused by greedy people and greedy banks. The two presidents that were in office throughout the Great Depression was President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin Roosevelt. Both of these Presidents had very different ways of thinking and ideas to provide some sort of economic relief to their people.

President Hoover began his term as the president only eight months before the crisis. This meant that during the crisis, a lot of Americans started blaming Hoover for the crisis, which lead to Americans wanting some form of economic relief. One quote that is important from Hoover was “American people on the one hand will maintain the spirit of charity and of mutual self-help through voluntary giving and the responsibility of local government”(Hanes and Hanes 9). This quote is important because Hoover was trying to say that he believed that the American people should help other Americans and not rely on funds provided by the Federal Treasury. Another quote that Hoover said was “The opening of the doors of the Federal Treasury is likely to stifle this giving and thus destroy far more resources than the proposed charity from the Federal Government”(Hanes and Hanes 9). This
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