Compare And Contrast Roosevelt And Hoover

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Hoover V. Roosevelt
Starting in October of 1929, lasting a decade, The Great Depression striked. This was a global economic crisis that originated in the United States. This caused many Americans to lose their jobs, houses, and hope. The President of the United States hoped they could fix this crisis that was caused by greedy people and greedy banks. The two presidents that were in office throughout the Great Depression was President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin Roosevelt. Both of these Presidents had very different ways of thinking and ideas to provide some sort of economic relief to their people.

President Hoover began his term as the president only eight months before the crisis. This meant that during the crisis, a lot of Americans …show more content…

The many Americans that believed Hoover was at fault for the crisis, then began to look at Roosevelt for some sort of solution. One reason Roosevelt was so popular was because he was, unlike Hoover, very much in favor of Federal appropriation. One very important quote from Roosevelt was “Repeated attempts at their solution without the aid of government had left us baffled and bewildered… We knew that we must find practical controls over blind economic forces and blindly selfish men”(Hanes and Hanes 58). This quote is important because it is saying that Hoover 's attempts at trying to fix the crisis without Federal appropriation wasn’t working. It says that there are too many selfish people that would not help out other Americans. Another quote that follows the same lines as the previous one is “We refused to leave the problems of chance and the hurricanes of disaster”(Hanes and Hanes 59). This quote further explains Roosevelt 's beliefs on there being many selfish Americans, and that Hoover’s ideas relied solely on the chance of generous Americans.
Although Roosevelt and Hoover took two WAY different approaches on trying to fix this economic crisis, they did have the same goal in common, to strengthen America. Even though they both wanted to make America stronger, they both had their own ideas of what to strengthen. Roosevelt’s main goal during the crisis was that he wanted to strengthen the economy. On the other hand, Hoover’s main goal was to strengthen the bond between Americans, hoping that there wouldn’t be greedy men causing stress on poorer

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