The Hymn To The Nile River In Egypt

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People began settling along the Nile river in 6000 B.C.E.. Being regarded as the longest river in Africa, the Nile became the root reason why the Egyptian civilization survived. With an Egyptian calendar consisting of 365 days, roughly separated equally into 12 months, the inhabitants of the Nile discovered the Nile flooded about every 6 months. The Nile would recede after each flood sourcing the banks with large amounts of fertile soil ready for irrigation. Harnessing both a large source of farm land and fresh water, the Nile became the most important geographical feature for the Egyptians.
In the year of 2100 B.C.E., “Hymn to the Nile,” was written. Scholars interpret the “Hymn to the Nile” was developed to be used by Egyptians for their
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