The Negative Impact Of Hip-Hop And Its Influence On Politics

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Hip-Hop is a cultural movement that all started in the 1970s at South Bronx, New York. You either love it or hate it, no in-between. However, you can’t deny the fact that Hip-Hop is one of the most influential things that a person could ever listen to. Some people would say that Hip-Hop is just music, it doesn’t affect anyone’s life and artists just do it just to get their cheques in the mail but people who think that are wrong. For example, rappers like Eminem aka Slim Shady can actually change your views on certain things just by what they say on their songs. Therefore, Hip-Hop can impact almost everything you can ever think of, including today’s politics, economy, and social world. First of all, Hip-Hop can affect politics in the most…show more content…
These days most people who listen to rap/hip-hop are mostly teenagers or young adults. Hip-Hop can affect these people’s ways of thinking and could possibly influence them enough to make them want to be just like their favorite Hip-Hop idols. Additionally, this could make them more aggressive and have a higher chance of taking drugs (oureverydaylife). However, not all Hip-Hop is bad; some Hip-Hop songs actually can help some people who are going through tough times or depression. Also, some hip hop songs could motivate people to follow their dreams and to never give up because once they see their idol’s struggles before they were famous they would know that anything is possible if you don’t give up. Therefore, this is how Hip-Hop affects the social part of the world. There are many ways that Hip-Hop can affect our world. Firstly, rappers could state their own opinion on a famous song of theirs about politics which could lead to controversy and might influence other people’s opinions. Secondly, Hip-Hop makes a lot of money through music sales, contracts with clothing companies, and by advertisements. Thirdly, Hip-Hop could affect people’s own ways of thinking and even could change their future just by the words the rapper says on the microphone. In conclusion, this is how Hip-Hop affects the social, economic, and political parts of the

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