Malala Yousafzai As A Role Model

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Adversity has its way of drawing out and developing the character of those who have experienced it. The Roman poet Horace once said that talents that are inside you only come out in times of difficulty. It is the hardship and misfortune that act as the catalyst for talents that may have laid dormant, never having needed a reason to surface. Adversity made no distinction when it targeted Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai or Mexican-American teen Luis Gonzalez. Such is true throughout the world, no matter the person’s race, class, or circumstances.
History's most beloved figures are the ones who experience an importune life and use that to climb their way up. Malala Yousafzai is an example of someone who rose from her circumstances with the odds stacked against her. Being a female in Pakistan, having to follow the strict …show more content…

This man, who experience a difficult life in different circumstances than Malala or Luis Gonzalez, found a way to use this drawn out talent of his to strengthen himself as a person and become a role model for many in this generation. Drake has become a role model for many people who are using the messages from his songs to inspire them to arise from their hardships, creating an entire generation of strong, hopeful, and prosperous individuals. Aside from his adversity eliciting the talents in him that created his fame, it also goes to show that not only can a person's adversity elicit their talents, but also help encourage someone else going through a similar situation drawout their own talents. Just as Malala Yousafzai with her act of courage to speak out over her situation inspired others to join in the activism and how Luis Gonzalez’s story inspires the students who come before him to

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