The Importance Of Business Ethics

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Ethics is a moral principle or value that comes within our everyday life. It is the study of standard behavior, which promotes human welfare and “the good”. Business behavior is the most important concern for business ethics because unethical behaviors may damage a business’s status and name. Ethics is not based on our feelings or following the laws. Rather, it is based on standards at which we guide our behaviors and determine what should be done and what shouldn’t. Kant, one of the greatest philosophers who have discussed ethics, argues that acting in an ethical way requires differentiating between, “right” and “wrong” and then performing the right option. It is all about every individual’s view for a condition and the morality. Morality has a concern when it comes to norms, values, and beliefs that are embedded in social process. This defines right and wrong for an individual or a community. When it comes to people, no two would have the same ethical standard as the other. Rather, it differs from one person to the other. Kant agrees that every person has the responsibility to act upon moral duties for his own self and for others (Bowie, 1999). However, there are two types of duty for Kant; hypothetical and categorical imperatives. The hypothetical imperative is when an individual acts in a certain way in order to attain a desired end outcome (Bowie, 1999). On the other hand, the categorical imperative is one doing a certain action as obligatory despite the consequences
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