The Importance Of Cell Phone Relationships

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Do cell phones really controls relationships or friendship? Sometimes people as a couple have problems with getting off with their phones at times. Some adult’s even children allow the cell phones to talk over because the phones have their attention at all time. Once you look at your phone you will forget all about your spouse. Even when being out with some friends your phone takes over the friendship. Sometimes the phone is people friend or spouse because that’s all people depend on. They depends on a text or a call even a message on Facebook. Cell phones do not have to be in your hand at all times. Periodically adults and children need to give their phone a break. Phones are a good choice when having dinner with your close friends or family. When having dinner no one should be on their phone. Having dinner with family should be the most important thing to you. Being round your family should make you feel happy. If you are eating at least try to have a nice or funny conversation. To forget about your phone turn it off or on silence while eating. No one should be on their phone while eating. Make your friend seem like…show more content…
The feeling can be hurtful and it can cause a problem. When there is a problem things never turn out right. When people are on their phone they do not think it is a bad thing. When you are on the phone so much you might miss your baby first steps or anything. I’m pretty sure no parents wants to miss their child first steps. If you are a parent please take time out with your child. Make your child feel like somebody and not no one at all. Even when you are going out with friends to have fun; make them feel like it is time to have fun and not being on the phone all the time. Cell phones do not make and friendship or relationship last a long time. The only thing cell phones do is cause problems. No one want any problems with their friend, child, or

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