Major League Baseball Essay

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As baseball games come down to the wire, it is not uncommon to have to watch lengthy commercials and replay feed because of a challenge on a close play. All over the major leagues of sports, there are a challenge system in place, but baseball isn’t the type of sport that challenges correctly complement. Even though challenges in Major League Baseball are used to correct miscalls, challenges should not be a tool allowed to umpires and managers because they are overused, takes to long, and are not always accurate.
Imagine that you are sitting in your living room watching a game that started at eight o’clock on a Monday night because it’s a west coast game. This matchup is supposed to very exciting, so you decide that you are going to watch the …show more content…

Having replay takes that fact out of baseball. Umpires of the past have taken a lot of surenty. That’s one of the main reason the replay system had been put in place. Replay may help umpires keep a good name, but it also may lose them their jobs. Replay takes away the human aspect to make the game fairer for both teams. Major League Baseball had started down the slippery slope of how to make the game fair. Now that replay is in, there soon won’t be a job for umpires. Balls and strikes will be calculated on a computer. Once baseball hits that mark, the sport might as well be dead. At that point, the unexpected statistic game will turned to a computer generated game. “Erases the true nature of baseball and sport/life in general: the unpredictability” (26 Feb. 2014). Baseball is known for its old roots in America history. People played baseball back when television wasn’t around. Think of baseball as and old family tree that has been there for hundreds of years. It might hold a tire swing that you used when you were younger or a treehouse your grandpa built for your parents. After all of these years, somebody just comes by and posions the tree, and before your eyes that family tree is gone and dead. That might not be happening to you, but that’s the reality in MLB today. Replay is the poison that is going to slowly kill the great game that millions grew up playing or

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