Essay On Civil Rights In America

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Does every American Citizen truly have civil rights? The idea that civil rights is something we as Americans have achieved have been mostly false, you can see this in many cases throughout the United States that some people or a whole race is being negated their basic rights as a Human either by the government itself or certain individuals. The United States has many great qualities such as freedom of speech, the right to vote, And the list goes on, but something which will take years and years to obtain would be civil rights of every citizen in the United States.A flaw that the United States haven’t been able to fix since the birth of this country is being able to give people of a different race equal rights as Americans and true Civil Rights. Many politicians have tried to make America a better place and always say that civil rights have …show more content…

Being part of a racial minority in the United States at any time history will always be bad since the option of true civil rights is not available. Dr.King in his Letter from Birmingham City Jail, he talks mainly about the terrible treatment to racial minorities in this case, black people he mentions how his son asks “Daddy, why do white people treat colored people so mean?”.(p.3.) If kids can see the negative effects of not having civil rights then it is truly is a problem in American society. As far as America has come it still has major problems and one great advocate is Dr.King who says “It seeks so to dramatize the issue that can longer be ignored”(p.3.) Dr.king knew how big of a problem not having true civil rights can be for racial minorities so he decides to “Dramatize the Issue” which has helped to get closer to civil rights it doesn’t just take one man in order to make changes it takes a whole

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