The Importance Of Colours In Chinese Culture

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Colours represents different values and meanings in every region, continent and countries. It is so because of the cultural values, cultivated and passed down over the years. Influenced by many factors be it internal or external. Colours is inhibited in our daily lives whether we want it or not, unknowingly swaying our buying decisions when we do our shopping. Many people have a soft spot for a certain colour, because their personality align to what the colour represent. Be it shopping for clothes, choosing the colour to paint their home and office and doing their artworks.
When we think of fashion, we always think of it as colourful, flamboyant and sometime hard to handle. From haute couture fashion shows, the most common theme will always be colour blocking, which is a
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One of the colour that will spring up when thinking about China is definitely the colour red. It is the colour of their national flag, and represent the communist revolution. Furthermore, red is also a colour that solidify its standing in Chinese culture. Red is traditionally worn during the Chinese New Year, as well as during weddings. That is why many older people or people that have been married usually give red envelope as red is a sign of good luck. Red in Chinese culture is not usual for an event like a funeral because it represents happiness. Thus, it can be pretty offensive to wear red clothes to the funeral ceremony. In China red represents celebration and is meant to bring luck, prosperity, happiness, and a long life to the people. However, it is not pretty common for Chinese to wear red, as it is a pretty daunting task to match it well. Even so before Chinese New Year, many clothing store will still dress up the shop mannequins with red clothes. As a way to welcome the New Year and also to sort of remind everyone that Chinese New Year is round the

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