The Importance Of Consumer Buying Behavior

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In order to understand the consumer buying behaviour, it is important to comprehend the marketing management. In accordance of Szmigin and Piacentini (2014), the acts of individuals and process of decisions refers to the consumer buying behaviour is also included in employing products for household and personal use. It is identified that sellers should try to comprehend the consumer’s decision making where they can operate the marketing programmes in order to reflect these consumer expectations and needs (BRANNEN, MOORE and MUGHAN, 2013).
Pedro de Gouveia (2013) explain that consumer buying behaviour explores why individual make certain buying decisions, what products and services they are interested in, where they buy them and how they use them. According to Chen (2014), it is examined that there are many theoretical approaches that have had a great influence on consumer buying behaviour whereas most of them related to psychological orientations such as reinforcement theory and cognitive theory.
2.2. Influences on consumer buying decision
In accordance of Dawson (2013), the purchases of consumers are influenced by social, personal, cultural,
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It is identified that sellers analyse and collect multifaceted data from consumers in order to know their buying patterns and personal characteristics. They usually use the information to target the smaller and focused consumers groups. According to Pookulangara and Koesler (2011), communication process between customers and sellers has become interactive, it can be said that majority sellers are powerful as they modify products to know where their products suit the expectations and needs of the target market. It is examined that digital technologies enabled marketers to know its consumer online behaviour and collect information regarding them easily and

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