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Living each day with an intent and a purpose can all in all lead to a life of joy and fulfilment. Planning out every single day and always having and end goal in mind for each day can truly build one 's character. However, not everybody is destined to live each day packed full with a slew of intents or goals, nor does every single person have the motivation to to live such a life. Thankfully, there is another option in the area of daily fulfilment, and that is simply courage. Courage, in definition, is strength in the face of pain or grief, and for many people, can be a daily driving factor for the fulfilment of one 's character. Personally, I can truthfully admit that I am anything but the type to set personal goals everyday. However, as one …show more content…

Every day presents new tasks and new trails that test human ability more and more. Even more so, life manages to throw new and difficult emotional tasks at us almost every single day. For example, when I was a freshman, I can recall that I was not the most fit or athletic person out there, but that year of high school I participated in three sports, including football. However, my sophomore year was different, and I had decided to not do football again. Now, the part where courage comes into play was when I had the option between doing absolutely nothing during the football season and simply living on my couch, or doing cross country. Sadly, cross country is one of the most painful sports known to man, and how do I know that? Because I had the courage to participate in cross country with my good friend and take the chance to experience new things and experience new tribulations. Granted, it was absolutely the most painful thing i’ve ever done, but I have no doubt that cross country definitely built up my physical as well as emotional character, and pushed me beyond my limits of physicality and character. By maintaining that lifestyle of courage on the daily, I managed to do something that really made me nervous, and yet I made it through and I have become a better person because of …show more content…

Everyone always has their opinion on things, and everyone feels differently about certain subjects. It’s the people that have the courage to speak their mind to others that really plant the seed of change. Personally, I’m a rather shy person, and it has been difficult finding the courage to speak my opinion more. However, these past few years of high school have really impacted me in a positive way, and really built up my everyday courage to stand up for my thoughts. For example, I stood up last semester in front of my English teacher, who specializes in teaching exceptionally well the abilities to do well on the reading of the ACT, and said straight to his face that standardized testing is not beneficial to students. Having the courage to stand up for the things you think is important, even if they’re little, because those little victories yield worlds of potential for even bigger things. Conclusively, those may have just been three driving factors for everyday courage in my life, but there is a slew of different applications. What really matters, is that courage has helped me tackle little and big tasks every single day, and having the courage to do that is crucial in living a fulfilling life. Living everyday with courage empowers people to do more than expected, and to get things done. Having a plan for every single day may be smart endeavor, but simply going into every day with full confidence

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