Enzymes In Vegetables

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Freezing is an easy and convenient way to preserve fruits and vegetables. Freezing slows the growth of microorganisms that cause food to spoil and hinders the chemical changes that affect food quality. A frozen food’s quality is determined by the freshness of the original product, the type of pack, and the techniques used to prepare it for freezing.
If they are not inactivated, enzymes found naturally in fruits and vegetables can cause color and flavor changes as well as loss of nutrients. Follow these guidelines and tested directions for freezing fruits and vegetables and enjoy high-quality, nutritious frozen food.
Enzymes in Vegetables
Inactivate the enzymes in vegetables by boiling or steaming them briefly, then rapidly cooling them in ice
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Cut to desired length after chilling. 3 minutes
Beets Top and clean. Boil until tender. Chill. Peel, slice, dice or pack whole.
Cook in skins until done
Carrots Clean them, slice or dice. Small carrots may be left whole. Blanch, chill and pack.
3-4 min — slices
5 mins — whole
Corn, Yellow Whole kernel corn: Blanch cleaned ears, chill thoroughly in cold water, cut from cob and pack. 4 minutes
Wash only tender pods without breaking, blanch and chill. Pack in alternate directions. For frying, freeze on cookie sheet and then package.
3-5 minutes depending on size
Peas, English Wash in pod, shell, blanch tender juicy peas.
Chill. 2 minutes
Peas, Field Wash in pod, shell, blanch, chill and pack. 2 minutes
Pepper, Sweet Wash, halve, blanch, chill, cut as desirred and pack. 2 minutes
Squash: Summer,
Yellow Zucchini,
Patty Pan
Use while skin is tender. Wash, slice in ½ inch pieces. Blanch and chill. Pack. Summer squash may also be precooked, cooled and packaged.
3 minutes pound of tender green beans and pat dry with paper towels. Snip off ends but leave the beans whole. Place green beans on a
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