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Immigration According to the Office of National Statistics, it is found that more individuals immigrate to the United Kingdom than emigrate. In other words, there are more people who are coming to live in the United Kingdom versus those that leave. The United Kingdom has proved itself to be one of the worlds most diverse places compared to other countries in the world. Immigration is a large part of the United Kingdom 's diversity and mix of culture that fills the county. However, Immigration does and does not have its effects and opinions from the native British citizens. It is found that the native British citizens either have nothing good to say about immigration, or nothing…show more content…
The number of immigrants are increasing in the United Kingdom, taking up more than eight million citizens, half of which are from the European Union. It is found that within the immigrant population, 6/10 of the European Union migrants have come to the United Kingdom to work, while the other 6/10 non-European Union migrants came for school. By coming to the United Kingdom, many immigrants tend to not only work, but start their own businesses and take on undesirable jobs in Britain society. Additionally, it is also discovered that a more diverse and intensive economy is the result of immigrant workers. From 2010 to 2016, there are two million more workers, half of the workers being immigrants and the other half being british. Due to immigration being higher than emigration in the United Kingdom, about 40% of the immigration population resides in London. This large population of immigrants in London has resulted in a 34 billion dollar net contribution to the United Kingdom, in other words, it strongly improved or helped the economy. While it can be statistically proven that immigration is great for the economy of the UK and the Britain citizens say nothing good nor bad about immigrants, they certainly are concerned. The concern is not with actual…show more content…
Ipsos MORI assess monthly polls to identify out of forty seven issues, which top five are most affecting or considered alarming to United Kingdom citizens. It was found that the top five issues that worry Britain citizens are immigration, followed by Europe, National Health Services, economy, housing, and international terrorism. While migration is a broad term, it is identified as two seperate groups, the non-European Union citizens and the European Union citizens. Transatlantic Trends conducted a survey in 2014 of thirteen countries by asking whether they were concerned about non-European citizens or European citizens. For the United Kingdom, it was quickly evident from the statistics that they found both to be concerning. About 50% of United Kingdom citizens that participated in the poll thought that European Union migrants were a big concern and 54% found non-European Union migrants to be a concern. Though the percentage of concern for non-European Union migrants were slightly higher, essentially both seem to be potential threats to the country. Additionally, British citizens tend to also correlate terrorism with immigration. Some of the terrorist attacks that were enacted in the United Kingdom were by citizens or individuals outside of the United Kingdom who are typically a part of

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