The Importance Of Knowledge In Art

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Each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowledge in order to gain knowledge.
In our Tok class, we learned that the origin of knowledge comes from two theories, empiricism and rationalism, as I see, knowledge comes from a mix of these two theories, however knowledge cannot be gained without the interaction of many ways of knowledge with a certain area of knowledge, and no area of knowledge can exist without ways of knowledge. This interaction is meant to create stronger knowledge. Language and reason as ways of knowledge in epistemology, are fundamental and crucial in gaining knowledge in the majority of areas of knowledge, for example, ethics as an area of knowledge requires the interconnection of reason, to evaluate the ethicalness
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Reason, emotions, language, and imagination contributes in the production of these different types of artworks, based on the creative skills of each person.
A painting can be the reflexion of a painter’s perspective, and his personal experience, Some people might think that artworks are not based on reason, and are just the painter’s imagination, however, they might be ignorant on the fact that everything in this world happens for a reason, even the tiniest organisms are created for a reason.
Edvard Munch, a Norwegian painter know for his artwork the scream. Using his sense perception, this artist successfully painted one of the most famous paintings that the 21st century knows. Sight, according to Munch’s personal diaries, the idea for the modern art painting The Scream came to him while looking down over the Norwegian landscape from an elevation (Shabi).
The Norwegian artist admits that he struggled with insanity, reflecting that on his work, this is why Edvard Munch was a different kind of painter. The scream was produced due to a reason, which is the mixture of the way he felt toward life and how he imagined his insanity and inner trouble and turned it into a famous
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Because art is the product of our thoughts and feelings interpreted by sense perception, and if language shapes the way we think, therefore, language affects art.

It is important to know about he interaction of ways of knowledge with a certain areas of knowledge, in creating knowledge, because it helps strengthen the knowledge gained, and understand the importance of sense perception in obtaining the desired knowledge, as well as language that is of a paramount importance in gaining knowledge because it is the most importance cognitive faculty that the human being can’t start a life without.

A deaf person would argue that language doesn't necessarily translate to words, language can go beyond that, for people with disabilities to hear or speak, sign language would be the best for them, however, this type of language is not understandable by everybody, that is why body language comes as a substitute. On the other hand, every human being, despite their origin or background, would argue that they can’t live without

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