The Importance Of Language In Communication In Society

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Language is a part of linguistics which has function as a means of communication in society. In the society, language is an important factor which determines whether the communication is fluent or not. Therefore, the accuracy of the language is required in order to improve the fluency of the communication. The fluency in speaking or using language is not only in the form of the accuracy in selecting the words and arranging the sentence but also the ability or the accuracy in seeing the situation. It means that an individual who uses the language should know how to use the sentence well and correctly and also should be able to see or know the situation in speaking such as with whom, where, when, and etc. Besides that language has an important role in human life. Language can help people to communicate with the others. Language is also like a media which can facilitate…show more content…
According to Dell Hymes (trough Nababan, 1993) there are some factors that make the code mixing exists in communication. The factors are abbreviated with SPEAKING which consists of Setting and Scene, Participant, End (purpose and goal), Act sequence, Key/ tone of spirit of art, Instrumentalis, Norm of intersection and interpretation, as well as Genres. Setting and Scene involves the elements like situation, atmosphere, and also the context. Participant means the addressee or the hearer in the communication. End means the purpose and goal of the speaker. Act sequence means the content of the message which being talked in the communication. Key/ tone of spirit of art is the elements of tone in producing voice. Instrumentalis is the media or tool which is used to communicate such as printed media. Norm of intersection and interpretation means the norms element which should be understood in the communication. And the last is Genres is the elements of the kind of the way to deliver the message such as dialogue, story, and
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