The Importance Of Lying In The Police Department

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Truthfulness gets continuation and lying activates the conscience. An officer of the law is supposed to have strong ethical indicative of moral beliefs. These beliefs are absolutely essential for any law enforcement officer. Aristotle suggests, "life circumstances trigger a natural range of responses that includes a mean between excessive and defective responses” (Dempsey & Forst, 2016, p.227). A person’s character traits are the individual’s habitual ways of responding, and individuals who are the most admirable are those who find the norm between the two extremes regularly. Officers do not know who to trust, and morale plummets. (Dempsey & Forst, 2016).

My partner is under investigation about work ethics in the department. I was asked if I knew anything about the situation involving my partner being investigated by internal affairs. My partner advised me of the situation and asked if I could collaborate my story. My partner informed me that I was going to be questioned about the incident that she and I only had knowledge of. I advised my partner that telling the truth may follow with discipline because lying can get you terminated. I informed my partner that …show more content…

I informed my partner if I lied it would make me just as corrupt as her. I told my partner that a law enforcement officer must use an honest effort to perform official duties. As a law enforcement officer, you are prohibited from encouraging, directing, coercing, or requesting another officer from being dishonest in the performance of official duties. All law enforcement officers are expected to maintain high standards of conduct, cooperation, efficiency, and economy in their work, and shall attempt to correct any faults in their performance which are called to their attention and to make every effort to avoid behavior and actions. Law enforcement officer should be mindful of disciplinary consequences in making frivolous

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