The Pros And Cons Of Overfishing The Oceans

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In the Washington Posts article “Just how badly are we overfishing the oceans?” the author suggests that the populations of fish are declining due to overfishing. While it might be true that people are overfishing, they aren't fishing to the point of extinction. There is also a need for stronger regulations to help regulate the amount of fish being fished. The fish populations aren't being drastically affected by fishing but some regulations can help control the population.
Fishing has been a primary food source for humans since the dawn of time and through multiple generations. So it makes sense that someone would make the claim that our oceans are being overfished. With the way technology has advanced throughout the years people are able …show more content…

As The Guardian states “With many commercial fish stocks already in serious decline, it is clear we have an enormous challenge on our hands, made all the more urgent by the fact that global seafood demand is expected to grow another fifty million tonnes by twenty twenty five.” (overfishing is as) even though the demand for fish is going up that doesn't mean that fish are going extinct. The demand for any object can go up, but it doesn't always mean that the object is going to run out. The population of bluefin tuna has had a steady increase over the past several years. Even though the demand for this fish is high, there is only slight changes in its populations with a steady …show more content…

A fishery according to is “ a place where fish are bred.”(dictionary) All across the world and across the united states, many fisheries are trying to help keep fish populations steady. These fisheries hatch and raise the fish until they are old enough to be released into the wild. This help reduce the risk of these fish being fished too early and also help keep the population of fish up. There are also many organizations that help to prevent people from overfishing such as World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defence Fund, and Greenpeace. These organizations help to protect the fish populations and help put a stop to anyone trying to overfish.
These are some of the many reasons why overfishing is not affecting the fish populations. By setting strict regulations on how much is fished and by supporting organizations that help stop overfishing, the populations of fish can remain steady and possibly increase. While there are many people who claim that we only have so many years before we run out of fish, the populations of fish show that we have enough fish to last many more

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