The Importance Of Poverty In America

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What is it like to live in the United States of America and still live in poverty? Poverty is a state of deprivation. One lives in poverty because he/she lacks the usual acceptable amount of money to eat a proper meal; dress in ordinary fashion, much more to be in extraordinary fashion, that we call “name brand,” or live in a warm house that we call a home.
The United States of America is a federal republic consists of fifty states. Everyone talks about “The Great America!” The land of liberty, freedom of speech, and also the state where work is plenty and one will always have enough to eat, non-stop! Everyone wants a taste of this “Great America!” A lot of people that migrate here either have children or a family to support. Some families have waited years to get a taste of this God given country; by doing it right and filling out papers. They also have the privilege to come and enjoy a nice plane ride. The people that need to be ridiculed are the lazy, impatient ones that believes that everything is a free for all. Those are the ones that come to America by the getaway flight, which is also known as the “banana boat,” with their entire family.
However, once arrived in the United States, most of us realize that it’s not streets of gold that it appeared to be. The family that believe life was going to be easy, didn’t realize that the very successful people are the ones that actually work hard by going to school their entire life, and turned out to be doctors/nurses,

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