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What is it like to live in the United States of America and still live in poverty? Poverty is a state of deprivation. One lives in poverty because he/she lacks the usual acceptable amount of money to eat a proper meal; dress in ordinary fashion, much more to be in extraordinary fashion, that we call “name brand,” or live in a warm house that we call a home.
The United States of America is a federal republic consists of fifty states. Everyone talks about “The Great America!” The land of liberty, freedom of speech, and also the state where work is plenty and one will always have enough to eat, non-stop! Everyone wants a taste of this “Great America!” A lot of people that migrate here either have children or a family to support. Some families …show more content…

Honestly, to tell you the truth, he/she would be more likely to get promoted with a big pink slip. I bet using up your freedom of speech would have worked better for you if you would use less. That is if one wants to keep a job so that he/she can continue providing for their family. Also, the family that believes the phrase “land if liberty” means that they can escape her on the “banana boat” with their entire family and a home will be waiting for them. There are so many families on the side of the road holding up signs. “No food, no home,” “Thank you, God bless you.” I am here thinking to myself that God blesses you too; he bless all of us who have the ability to go and provide for our family. I guess that they did not get the memo, that if I will help you today, and I help you tomorrow; seeing you on the third day begging me again, clearly tells me that you stood out there all day begging every single soul that you didn’t realize that I’ve helped you two days in a row, and now it’s becoming a problem. That tells me that you need to find other means

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