The Importance Of Privacy In The Workplace

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In every firm employee are subject to some privacy laws which they have to abide by. Technology makes it possible for every employer to monitor its employee. For example telephones, computer terminals and emails. I am a Chief Privacy Officer of an IT firm “ABC” and have been working with this firm for the last 6 years. On 14th December 2015, as usual when I was going through my mail box after reaching office Harish came into my cabin wanting to discuss something important. Harish has been working with the firm for the last two years and is a very capable employee. He had some concerns regarding the privacy policies of the company and felt that his privacy at the workplace was being invaded time and again. Every email that he sent was being…show more content…
Respecting privacy at the workplace makes the work environment better. An employee expects to have some privacy at work, even if they are on their employer's premises and using the equipments provided by the employer which I believe they have the right to. But it is normal that working for someone will mean giving up some privacy. Employers would need basic information about their employees for things like pay and benefits, and they have to be able to ensure that work is being done efficiently and safely. These days the possibilities for infringing on privacy are greater than before because of the growing use of technology. As a Chief privacy officer I would suggest an employer's need for information should be balanced with an employee's right to privacy. For almost all personal information — including pay and benefit records, formal and informal personnel files, and records of web-browsing, electronic mail, certain rules have to be established and maintain the balance: The employer should give reasons for whatever personal information he collects from the

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