The Importance Of The Empire Of Mali

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Did you know that Mansa Musa, the emperor of Mali may have been the wealthiest man alive? The Empire of Mali was a place of great cultural exchange where ideas and cultures were spread from person to person. How Mali became this way was because of their main natural resource which was gold. People came from places like North and West Africa because Mali was said to be a place of gold, and everyone wanted gold for themselves. It also became a place of lots of cultures because of people called Berbers who went to Mali to trade salt for gold. When they were there, they converted people to Islamic religions, which made the spread of this culture greater. A third reason that Mali was a place of cultural exchange is because of Mansa Musa. He went on a pilgrimage to Mecca and spread the word about Mali and everyone went there. Another reason is because of trade. Mali was situated in three different places which allowed it to have many things from different places. These are the reasons why Mali was a place of great cultural exchange and ideas.

Mali was a great site of cultural exchange. One of the reasons it became this was was because of their large amounts of gold. Mali was very rich in the gold department, and everyone wanted some of it. People came from North Africa and West Africa because they all wanted gold. According to a website by UC Davis created, it stated that “Desire for gold caused merchants to make the difficult journey from the Maghrib and the rest of North

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