The Lost Continent Analysis

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Bill Bryson Literary Commentary 13/01/2016 Liam S.Hare Introduction: Chapter seven in the book, “The Lost Continent” written by Bill Bryson, struck me as a rather disappointing chapter in the book. Because of its endless repetitiveness, i found myself just as confused and irritated as Bryson must have been writing this chapter. The Chapter in question, commences in the morning in a town named “Tupelo”. Famed worldwide for being the birthplace of Elvis Presley, as you already know. Bryson is taking a tour of “The King’s” birthplace, a tidy white little house situated in the shade of the vast Elvis Presley park. Just off Elvis Presley drive, second exit off the Elvis Presley Memorial Highway. One might gather from this Tupelo is proud of its most famous native son. Bryson later claims they hadn’t done anything “tacky”, to make a killing of Presley’s dying fame. Bryson goes on to joke about Presley’s audience being much like his fame, the elderly being the only guests in the house. Nevertheless Bryson claimed to be glad that he stopped, the upcoming City of Columbus was next. Unfortunately for us all Bryson has to comment on during the drive is the endless rows of shacks lining the highway all the way to Columbus. Shortly afterwards he observed that the poor population had several signs along the way, advertising “Gas, Fireworks,Fried Chicken,Live Bait”. Bryson attempts to add humour to the situation, by joking about some or other restaurant that dealt with live bait as
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