The Meaning Of 'Imagine' By John Lennon

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The freedom of an artist is endless. They can choose to aim for fame or allocate there time to making music which pleases themselves. However, whichever path they choose to take does not have to be shared with the audience. For example, an artist can grow to stardom because of the meaningful messages they prevailed, or because their own free will enticed the audience to listen on. So how do we know what the message of a song is? We don’t, we can simply share our own interpretations of the song, and hope others value our reasoning. To showcase the many meanings associated with one song, I have chosen to analyze “Imagine”, by John Lennon. To those who have found joy and meaning in this song, I value your perspective, but I hope to shed to light a new take on the song; the unconventional truth. John Lennon is a creative unique individual who creates songs that actively demonstrate this. From his song “Imagine” one would think he is a passionate advocate for world peace, but in reality his song is a classic case of rebellion. He shows his true nature of selfness through the use of unconventional meanings, and his strategic play of the word “Imagine”. Before understanding the meaning of a song, a general knowledge of the artist must be present, because a song is a reflection of the artist. While an artist has free reign on their work, if is contradictive to their persona it can be misjudged. The song “Imagine” on its own may sound like a song of world peace, but if you truly knew

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