The Media Betrayal Of Derek Jeter In Professional Sports

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Derek Jeter is an amazing person due to all the information I had provided. There is no evidence of him having herpes or any non-sense that’s been said about it. Reputable sources prove that Derek Jeter is a upstanding citizen by illuminating all of he great accomplishments that he have achieved throughout his career. This essay will touch on Jeter's media betrayal, his personal life, and his image through community public relations.
Derek Jeter was a great performer on the baseball field, being easily one of the most genuine and respected baseball players to have ever existed. In Jeter’s twenty years of professional baseball he managed to rack up numerous notable accomplishments such as winning the Baseball Writers Association of America Babe Ruth Award in 2000, reaching his milestone 3000 career hit in 2011 and winning the MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the 2000 All Star game and a four time World Series Champion (UPI 2015). In the media there seems to be speculations that claim Jeter has herpes and was passing it on to different celebrities, and numerous disreputable sources say there is evidence that he did so. However, dependable sources prove this to be false. A recent attempt by unreliable media sources has tried to tarnish Jeter’s reputation with a falsified chart and allegations that …show more content…

Why in this chart he had to be the one that started it who knows it could of started from anybody there is no exact evidence that he started it there is 19 people on this list that they could of started from. But sense he had affairs with other females doesn’t mean he should get the big blame for everything which I find ridiculous, its just that he is multimillionaire that played baseball for the New York Yankees and he represents so much to a professional athlete because of his

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