The Mongols: The Evils Of The Mongols

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The Mongols were savages not ceasing at any expense to conquer land. The Mongols had distinctive war strategies to corner their enemies, conquer them, and slaughter them. Despite the fact that the Mongols did much damage, they refine the nations they prevailed. Even in a Mongols' personal life there are numerous guidelines that should be obeyed. In spite of the fact that the Mongols may appear to be merciless murderers there is another side them.
Mongolians were notorious for their massive empire and cold-blooded killings. The Mongolians ruler, Genghis Khan, vanquished 4,860,000 square miles making him conquer the most land out of numerous renowned conquerors. Khan's armed force was organized in a way that ten men would be ruled by one man,

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