The Motivation Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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The English Language has been one of the most critically important languages for arguably the last sixty years. For reasons that range from politics to economics, English will perhaps be the Lingua Franca of the world for years to come. The need to learn English has been central to the rise of English Language learning around the world. One key challenge that remains in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) field, is understanding the most effective way to teach English to such a diverse world. By assessing personal motives from a student, it will shed light on the reasons and techniques involved in meaningful approach to effectively teaching. In this essay, the outcome will be to recognize what the process and motivations are to learning English. Student Background: This case study will focus on an individual who could be categorized as having a low proficiency in English. Armando, the subject of this insight, is a native Spanish speaker. He was born in Mexico, which is where he remains to this day. He is thirty years in age. His family are all native Spanish speakers, who have little to no proficiency in English. He is the first of his immediate family to study English. The case subject is a man with unique motivations and methods to learn English. For the reasons stated, Armando is a prime candidate for a study on how and why students learn a foreign language successfully. Motivation: Armando’s motivations for learning English is based primarily on
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