The Negative Speech: The Challenges Of Single Parenthood

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Annie was a jovial little girl almost everyone in the community knew her because she was always smiling and always wanting to help especially those who were sick. Annie always wanted to become a Doctor but her dreams were not made possible due to the financial struggles faced by her mother who sometimes was unable to send her to school. At age 15 Annie had to quit school to help her mother with her younger siblings [PAUSE]. Let’s face it Ladies and Gentlemen how many children out there are unable to achieve their dreams like little Annie? Today I want to speak to you on behalf of all the little “Annies” out there. I would like to speak to you on the issue of Single parenting as we need to be aware of the devastating effect of this family structure on children living in this household. The Collins English dictionary defines a single parent as someone who is bringing up a child or children on their own. Not only does single parent family pose inherent challenges for the parent but it also creates serious social, economic and emotional challenges for the child. Firstly, Single parent families do have a negative impact on the lives of children, so…show more content…
Children who are experiencing the aftermath of their parents disengagement may find it difficult coping with the situation. This can influence their behaviour and may become a very serious issue if they are not attended to immediately. If this aggression if not address this can cause other problems later on in life. When mothers are unable to control their child she may become frustrated and not everyone knows how to handle stress. What could happen is that there could be possibility that the mother is unable to manage the child and worst case he has nowhere to go, then maybe he will have to reside in some form of government facility such as a boy’s

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