The New Bathroom Policy By Martin Espada And Richard Rodriguez

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Martin Espada and Richard Rodriguez are Latino authors of “The New Bathroom Policy at English High School” and “Hunger of Memory” which touch on the topic of language-limiting policies and ideas in the United States. Language is something everyone in existence uses to communicate with. Yet, not all languages are the same. Many have difficulty understanding language when it differs from one’s own. Language can be a barrier between people from other places. Language can also be a disadvantage to those traveling or relocating. I am an undoubtful believer that wherever you may be, you should not be limited by the language you speak.
Martin Espada’s “The New Bathroom Policy at English High School” addresses the difficulties and struggles while putting them into perspective. Espada was in 1957 and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He used to work as a tenant …show more content…

He has worked and led many people, in law or social situations, has a lot of experience with non-English speakers, and himself is a Spanish-speaking Latino. In “The New Bathroom Policy,” he talks about an experience he had at a protest against making English the official language of Massachusetts. He noticed a man running down the steps of the State House, shouting at everyone. Espada found himself standing in the man’s path and decided to say “¿Comó estas?” The man did not like this response and proceeded to threaten Espada with ripping his tongue out for “talking to him in Spanish.” Even after what Espada had just experienced, he proceeded to address the crowd with a microphone in hand and speak against the state and people like the man he had just encountered. Espada believes that the “English Only” idea is harmful and we must fight against policies and ideas that go against non-English speakers. However, there is a multitude of ways to approach policies like “English

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