Blumenfeld's English Only Laws Divide And Demean

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In ““English Only” Laws Divide and Demean” Warren J. Blumenfeld discusses the laws that make the official language in the United States English, only. His purpose is to persuade the reader to sign the petition he created which is directed to the Iowa House of Representatives and more to abolish the “English only”. Although Blumenfeld does an exceptional job appealing to the emotions of his audience by using personal stories, he does a poor job presenting evidence and facts to persuade the reader to agree with him. Blumenfeld may have personal credentials, but he does not have many source credentials, also, he does not provide counter arguments for the arguments that are made against his.
Blumenfeld starts off his article with a joke he was told about how almost …show more content…

The joke Blumenfeld told makes the reader think twice about English being the only official language of the United States, and their stance on it. The joke is a view of the United States from people in other parts of the world, and this may make an American question whether he or she wants to be seen that way, basically belittled because the U.S. has only one official language. Blumenfeld tells a story about his Mexican friend, who is fluent in English, said a phrase in Spanish during recess when he was in elementary school. A teacher overheard him and brought him to the principal’s office where was forced into “Spanish detention.” His friend’s experience of being bullied and punished for speaking Spanish makes any reader who’s first language isn’t English feel uneasy. Imagine being punished for saying one word or phrase in your first language that just comes natural to you. This is another example that makes the audience question their own beliefs on the “English only”

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