The New School Model

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Education is given high priority in modern times. In addition to know-ledge, education is one of the most important themes that show and help the progress and development of the countries today. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the countries that are developing the educational system in its long-term plans.
In a period of economic development, Abu Dhabi has initiated a compre-hensive plan for economic diversification. The education system is involved in this as it is one of the key pillars that will enable the Emirate to reach the stan-dards of excellence it strives for in all fields (Al- Khaili, 2009). Abu Dhabi Edu-cation Council has embarked on a complete transformation of the education system through a 10-year strategic plan from
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Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) aims to prepare the youth so they can contribute to the Emirate’s socio-economic progress. ADEC’s 10-Year Strategic Plan, The New School Model (NSM), was developed in June 2009. The New School Model (NSM) is the establishment for an improved educational system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The NSM is based on a student-centered learning approach which addresses wide and different learning styles for the students in the resource and technology rich environment.(ADEC…show more content…
Andrade &Valtcheva (2009,12) define self-assessment as a process during which students assess their own performance or progress; compare it to clearly stated criteria, objectives, or standards; and revise accordingly. Teacher and parents can help students develop their understanding of learning objectives and successes criteria. The educational benefits of student self-assessment are recognized and its use is increasing gradually (Andrade &Valtcheva2009, 12.) The goals of self-assessment are numerous and the assessment process can affect the whole school organization, teachers and the students. ADEC’s pedagogical approach in the NSM includes a requirement for children to be encouraged to reflect on their learning which is essential for SE. The nature of learning opportunities is meaningful and encourages active involvement (ADEC 2009,

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