Political Polarization Essay

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How the News Media Effects Political Polarization

News media is a massively important part of the political system in this country. It connects the people to the government and to each other. It is the way political information flows through the channels of decision making, from Presidents and leaders to voters. Journalists, broadcasters, networks, publishers, producers and consumers of news media have a responsibility to think seriously about the effects the news media has on America’s political climate. One such effect is political polarization. Interesting and concise analytical thesis.
America’s political climate has become massively polarized in recent years. This is not only clear in the massive political gridlock which has plagued the government in …show more content…

I would venture to guess that everyone reading this essay can remember a heated debate breaking out between their family, friends, or coworkers in this past week alone (whether they took part in it or just witnessed it). In an essay from An Annual Review of Political Science called Media and Political Polarization, be sure to punctuate all titles correctly Markus

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