The Outsiders Narrative

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Sticking two black button eyes on our snowman, I turned and gave Charlie a high-five. "Finished!" I said. "And there 's not a finer snowman in the whole neighborhood." But Charlie wasn 't looking at me. He was staring at the snowman, his face almost as white. "D-d-d-did you s-s-s-see THAT?" he stammered. I slowly rotated and watched as the snowman shouted with glory as he had been finished. His eyes bobbed up and down as he looked around the world. His arms shook around, and he wiggled a little as he got used to his snowman form. He opened his mouth but the words didn 't come out. Confused, he cleared his throat, and his deep warm voice formed a pleasant sound. He told us about his time away, on his vacation in the North Pole. He said he 's always wanted to come back to our yard, but it 's never been cold enough for him to return. This was the year for him to come back to the place he liked most. My front yard. …show more content…

Still in shock, we stared at the magic snowman with our minds blown, we suddenly had a flash of horror. What was he going to do next? All though his face was docile, and his vocals were unexpectedly extremely comforting and warming, it just seemed abnormal, and he looked like someone who was able to smash me in two seconds flat. On the other hand, I wondered how he even came to life. Maybe somehow, just somehow, the buttons, or something had triggered a magic reaction to make this snowman burst into life and dance around us with glee. I looked a Charlie. He looked at me back. His face was in terror shock. He had no idea what was going on. Then we realized that there was a gaping hole in his

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