The Power Of Birth Order Rhetorical Analysis

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The importance of birth order: Rhetorical analysis in, “The Power of Birth Order, by Jeffery Kluger.” The power of birth order can affect siblings as well as the house hold children grow up in. Kluger gives many examples throughout the article and how important the birth order is. The birth order also has effect on how children enter adulthood. Different studies to back up Kluger comes from studies in the Philippines, from Norwegian researchers, and a professional from the University of Redlines, in Redlines, California. Although Kluger states.” The holes in the theories, most are agreeable.” He states that, “The birth order effect, for all its seeming robustness is not indestructible.”
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He states. “For eldest sibling, this is a pretty sweet deal.” Kluger also explains that the birth order can affect households with siblings in them, it can affect how the siblings grow up into adulthood, and how the birth order can affect the children after adult hood. Kluger gives examples like, “the first child is always bigger in height and weight, how the first child will be smarter through school, and into adulthood the eldest child will have a better paying job.” These three examples aren’t the only research that he had found. Kluger also found, “that the youngest child is the clown of the family and always trying to make others happy, the youngest siblings see things differently, and younger siblings develop what’s called or known as the theory of mind.” Kluger has much research and evidence that the power of birth order is in fact important or at least has been suspected to be.
In the article, “The Power of Birth Order, by Jeffery Kluger,” gives many evidential facts on how households can and are effected by the birth order of siblings and how the children are effected as they reach their adulthood. Kluger wrote this article for other siblings to read and agree or disagree with him. The article states many facts from different research with professionals and universities to show the evidence in the power of birth

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