The Problem Of Corruption In India

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Corruption is a fact of life in India. The problem of corruption is one that has existed as long as humans have had government and administration. Indeed, the presence of corruption within government is perhaps as old as government itself. Independent India, like any other nation, also experiences corruption with all it’s associated effects; what makes corruption in India noteworthy is it’s prevalence, from small bribes offered and accepted on the crossroads to massive multi-million dollar scams that rock the nation and dominate headlines. Indeed, India is ranked 85 on Transparency International’s ranking of how corrupt a country is viewed as by it’s people. It is therefore clear that corruption is major problem within India and, as evidenced by the nation’s corruption perception index, erodes citizens’ faith in the government, in addition to being a serious obstacle to economic development within the country.
Corruption may take many forms; embezzlement, bribery, nepotism and many other similar undesirable governmental phenomena all constitute corruption. There are in fact a myriad of such activities that fall under the ambit of corruption and no list of such activities could be complete as these activities multiply according to the creativity and ingenuity of their perpetrators. However, one thing that is common to virtually all corrupt activities is the generation of black money.
Black money, according to Black’s Law Dictionary is “Cash that is not taxed or recorded

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