The Problem Of Police Brutality

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Rae 'Neisha Richard 1 February 2018
English 145
Mr. Van Dyck Police Brutality Police Brutality is an American problem more than policing problem. Giving the reality that
African Americans have always been viewed as “other” throughout American history, is it really surprising that police officers are more likely to fear and kill African Americans than White
Americans? Why is police brutality a factor and what is people doing to stop it? In order to stop
Police Brutality they need more training, because it’s beginning to be a serious problem in communities. Because of racism, economy change, and police needing more training. According to “Its citizens who needs de-escalation not police” states that ‘The simple fact that it is the public who needs de-escalation.’ Police shows sense of emotion during a response. Depending on who is effected, and the type of harm that is being caused. They lack an understanding in the legal concepts of an officer’s “collective knowledge.” The suspects feel like the police officer do not communicate enough for them before they actually start assuming they going to jail or they being harassed for no reason. They generally misunderstand the standards of proof officers rely upon to stop/detain, investigate, search and/or arrest such as reasonable suspicion and probable cause. It causes police brutality because the victims assumes right then and there to make themselves look

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