The Progressive Era Essay

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The Progressive Era in the United States was a period of time during the 1890’s-1920’s where a huge wave of immigrants arrived to this country.As a result,there was a rapid growth in urbanization and industrialization in America.Soon,landlords created tenement slum with unhealthy sanitary conditions.Meanwhile,big industries are taking advantage and monopolizing America’s finances.It wasn’t until Ida Tarbell exposed a big oil company’s unfair business practices. Furthermore ,during the Progressive Era,white-middle class women were not allowed to work at the time they were young,single,poor white women,divorcees or African-American women.Usually,they were able to work in agriculture,factories or as servants which were position mainly filled …show more content…

Effectively,women come together to host events,share their expertise and coordinate campaigns to reform public health, education and sanitation.Women’s clubs around the country from the General Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC).In December 1873, women begin their campaign against salon owners causing thousands of saloons to temporarily shut down.This led to the Foundation of Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in 1874. It was important for women to embark on this campaign because many women experience domestic violence and men squander their limited finances on alcohol.By 1901,schools were required to teach children the dangers of alcohol.Carry Nation becomes a well known advocated traveling around her state of Kansas smashing saloons with her

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