The Pros And Cons Of A Political Party

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In everyday conversations a subject that frequently tends to arise is American politics. During these conversations a variation of sub topics often occur usually pertaining to the Army’s funding, elections, and the different political parties. One of these topics that tends to cause a lot of feuding is the different political parties. In my family alone, we partake in disputes based on our different political parties, I am a Democrat while my parents are Republican. Often, we participate in quarrels over different events that occur in society. However which kind of views represent a certain political party. For starters, Which views does a Democrat stand with? Perhaps one who is Democrat abhors abortion, or possibly despises the LGBTQ community. Although maybe a …show more content…

Democrats are a kind of a member of a political party, however which aspects define a member of a political party? A member of a political party supports specific issues, with exact beliefs that corresponds to their political party. These issues may pertain to rights on gay marriage, funding or defunding on planned parenthood, and immigration laws. Now the views on each of these issues match with a certain political party member As you stroll down the street you see eye of tons of passerby’s, although nobody ever really ceases to ponder on their beliefs or morals, or even their political party. However today I am truly going to focus on the beliefs and morals of members of the Democratic party known as Democrats. First of all, Democrats support women, unlike Republicans, they permit women to control the events that occur in their bodies. For example, Republicans strive to end planned parented, which supports women by providing them with birth control and contraceptives. However, Democrats endeavor to fund planned parenthood, so women can control their bodies

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