The Pros And Cons Of Coal Mining

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Coal mining to me would be worth the risk. This is because it helps us do many things we wouldn 't be able to without it. One of the things is generally having power witch everyone uses in their day. Two is that you wouldn 't really be able to do anything without it. Three is that without coal you would still be running on water power in general. Coal mining also imployes lots of citizens in the economy. Witch help the the country with the unimployment rate in a country. Witch also means that there are less homeless men and women. This helps withe a countries money managment. And that helps with the countries finacial buiseness. You might think that coal mining should be stoped but if it were stoped. Then you would have no power. Witch,one thing for me would be bad. So if your like me than you wouldn 't like that. So do you still want coal mining to be stoped? …show more content…

But lets carry on,coal mining is a good thing for most. This is because most people need power just to do their job. And without power from coal what would they do? That is the main quistion most wonder about. I think the economy without power would just go crazy,because it would lead to no comunication witch would be

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