The Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying Should schools and lawmakers do more to protect kids from cyberbullies? SIRS data base reports that cyberbullying involves the use of communication technologies such as emails, cell phones, and social networking sites to send hostile or derogatory messages or even obscene photos with the intent of harassing or harming the reputation of another person. The psychological damage inflicted by cyberbullying can be just as server as-and have more long lasting consequences than-physical aggression. In light of some recent cases where students have committed suicide after being cyberbullied, lawmakers in many states have initiated legislation that would require school districts to establish policies to protect against cyberbullying and to punish the bullies (SIRS). This paper will examine viewpoint one, two and my viewpoint on cyberbullying. To begin with, viewpoint one says cyberbullies should be punished for their behavior. For starters, cyberbullying is very simple to start, but difficult to end. Firstly, it only takes one false rumor or story to make someone a victim of cyberbullying/cybercrimes. For example, Carrie Goldberg, a lawyer in Washington DC, shares a story of the pizzagate. What started as a fake news story about a child sex ring ended with an armed man firing an assault rifle inside the pizza parlor (Goldberg). Thus, this point proves all it takes is one false thing to turn something into a bad ending. Secondly, cyberbullying taken to a certain level
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