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Should schools and lawmakers do more to protect kids from cyberbullies? SIRS data base reports that cyberbullying involves the use of communication technologies such as emails, cell phones, and social networking sites to send hostile or derogatory messages or even obscene photos with the intent of harassing or harming the reputation of another person. The psychological damage inflicted by cyberbullying can be just as server as-and have more long lasting consequences than-physical aggression. In light of some recent cases where students have committed suicide after being cyberbullied, lawmakers in many states have initiated legislation that would require school districts to establish policies to protect against cyberbullying and
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Firstly, it used to be where cyberbullying was not as bad as it is now. For example, “Stopping the Spread of online abuse”, an article on SIRS, shares that it used to be kids would just get called names or blocked. Now, nearly one in five people between the ages of 15 and 29 have been bullied, harassed, or stalked on the internet in the past 5 years (“Stopping the Spread”). Thus, this point proves that cyberbullying has definitely escalated over the last few years. Secondly, “Stopping the Spread of online abuse”, reports physical assault and cyberbullying is linked to mental health issues later on in life. For instance, 4% of those who said they were cyberbullied also reported “emotional, psychological, or mental health conditions,” compared to the 14% of those who did not. Therefore, this confirms that cyberbullying links to bigger issues in the future. Thirdly, online bullying presents a challenging problem for victims. To illustrate, “Stopping the Spread of abuse, states that it takes various forms-spreading injurious rumors, disseminating videos or photos, identity theft. Unplugging simply is not an option-virtually 100% of respondents are active online. Consequently, this information shows that cyberbullying is a serious issue that causes many…show more content…
Specifically, people need to start observing what they say and or do online. Firstly, saying one wrong thing can make everything blow up on you are the person you are insulting. For example, if you get into a fight with an ex or a friend, and they post something online that is not supposed to be there, what is stopping them? Posting or saying one thing can go very wrong. Secondly, cyberbullying has a very high danger rating/risk. When we saying something nasty to someone online, we do not think about what it is doing to that person. For most bullies know they are the reason that victim is thinking of suicide as a way out. Thus, proves that cyberbullying is very dangerous. Thirdly, cyberbullying is linked to having mental problems. To illustrate, research shows that about 4% of victims have problems with some sort of mental illness or trust issues. Thus, information proves that cyberbullying can be linked to mental illnesses. For all these reasons, more needs to be done about
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