The Pros And Cons Of Dogfighting

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Dogfighting Have you ever seen a dog, mainly a pitbull, on a heavy chain, with scars all over, and starved looking. If you have that dog was most likely a victim of dogfighting. Where they are forced to fight for their lives every second of every day. Everyday they must endure rigorous training, such as, being chained up on a treadmill with no way off, bite on hanging objects, injected with steroids or, even have their teeth filed to a point and constantly kept on heavy chains. To prevent dogfighting, the sentencing and fines need to be increased, have a dogfighting registry for the offenders, and implement animal cruelty officers. Dogfighting has, sadly, become common practice. To start off, there are two types of dogfighting: street dogfighting and professional dogfighting. Street dogfighting is where, mainly rival gangs, put their dogs …show more content…

No cute little doggy will have, such a high risk of that terrible life, if you can even call it that. Another advantage, is that the people responsible, would pay for there crimes, not as much as I would like, but enough. Second advantage would be a decrease of animal cruelty. With animal cruelty officers, they could bust puppy and cat mills, and abused animals. Also, there would be a lot more attention on animals rights in general, so possible harder laws on animal injustice. The first order of business in making a bill is, to get a member of house, or senate to sponsor it. Next, it would have to go through a committee, where they will decide if the bill should continue on, be revise and release it, or lay it aside. The Senate will then, propose amendments to the bill, or add additional text, they then vote on it, the chambers of Congress, also have to come to an agreement. Lastly, it’s up to he president he can veto it, it will then go back to congress, oor if you doesn’t act within 10 days it automatically becomes law, and of course he can pass

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