Disadvantages Of Incarceration

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In the developing world, incarceration goes beyond the idea of applying a just punishment upon the offender for committing a criminal action or following a destructive behavior that disturb the public interest and the stability of the community. Incarceration also holds the responsibility to prepare the offender to integrate with the community after he goes out. This rehabilitation should be done on healthy bases that assure the mental health of the offender.
With the increased rates of incarceration and long sentence in the US society, rehabilitation program comes as a need more than a right and moral thing to do. The US prison population is the highest all over the world. On March.12.2014 Prison Policy Initiative (PPI), a criminal-justice research and advocacy group released a report and chart that draws on various data sources to present a fuller picture of precisely who is behind bars, and for what reason. It's not happy reading. PPI reckons the United States has roughly 2.4m people locked up, with most of those (1.36m) in state …show more content…

The study also intends to add to the understanding about the mechanism of prison art and how different project could be customized according the needs of the offenders enrolled in such activities. This in its turn will provide a clear picture in order to enhance the efficiency of prison art and apply different type of prison-based programming instruction in the art that influence the behavior and attitude of the offenders in the future and redirect their energy and creativity to be an added value to the society. After such a velar evaluation, our aim in this paper to make the reader and policy makers understand that the adoption of prison art in or policy is a must. Such programs are essential for achieving the desired

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