The Pros And Cons Of The Anti-Federalists

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Imagine living in a society where everyone gets along and agrees with everything. Thankfully, we live in a society where people have their sets of beliefs and tend to disagree with one another. When creating the Constitution there was a huge debate regarding the future of the United States and how it was going to be regulated. This was one of the biggest debates to be known throughout United States history. It led down to two different opposing groups the Federalists and the Anti- Federalists. There are pros and cons about people disagreeing. For instance, the Federalists and the Anti- Federalists both had some of the similar political thoughts as well as some political thoughts that they did not agree with one another. Though, both of the parties had different outlooks on what they thought, they would eventually come together and decided what is better for everyone as a nation.
After the constitution was created in 1787, members of the Anti- Federalists believed that they could not ratify the constitution. The Anti- Federalists also believed that the United States should just stay with the Articles of Confederation and wanted to prevent creating a federal government that could develop into a very dominant and overpower individual’s rights. They were also afraid that the Constitution would create too much power in the …show more content…

The federalists were the ones who believed that the United States needed a stronger centralized government to represent and defend our country. They supported the Constitution, and proposed that the division of the powers between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches would avoid any president from becoming an absolute dictator. Even though these two groups had different point of views and had different set of beliefs, they all aimed for the same goal, to modify the constitution of the United

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