The Pros And Cons Of Yuma

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Did the Yuma project have both positive affects and negative affects on yuma county?
Yes because some of the negatives help the positives such as the flood of 1916 helped Engineers of Yuma redesign their Laguna dam and make it more reinforced. With the farming of crops Yuma needed more water to be able to maintain their crops, they would need to build dikes or levees in the rivers to control overflow.
Yuma is positive because it is .01% in the whole world of agriculture agriculture supplies jobs and money for people to work. One in every five jobs is about agriculture agriculture house by creating more jobs in without it it helps out by farming irrigation system flowing crop managing etc. Irrigation helps Yuma by making it to one of the top places to plant crops which brings more business and money to the committee. The agriculture helps Yuma be also showing the rest of the world how to manage and grow crops fast and efficiently . Subsoil made by rivers and canals the subsoil is adequate …show more content…

Agriculture shows other countries what to do, as well as how to use other drip systems to help the control of water. Water is an essential necessity for crops to be maintained well. We have a canal that runs from Algodones to Yuma which is the main source for water without it we would not be able to maintain the crops that that farmers grow.Many farmers use different water systems such as dykes levees in canals or your irrigation systems sprinklers and others sorts . Agriculture has changed significantly in Yuma over four decades the 1970s focus on material crops such as alfalfa and citrus or season crops such as cotton or the main winter crop was the wheat which served as a transition crop for rowers protein from Contillo papa or the second crop that were the best watermelons less than 17% of land was planted two vegetables in the 1970s only 10% of the land was dedicated to multicraft

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