The Real Dangers Of Vaccines By Roberta Kwok Summary

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April Tovar
Professor Preston
ENGL 1301.45260
27 July 2015
The Real Dangers of Vaccines
In the research paper by Roberta Kwok, she succeed to explain and convince her readers that vaccines do in fact have serious side effects. Kwok explains this to us through doing research about different scientists and what is there take in why vaccines have these dangerous side effects, by having done scientific calculations and research and by having stories about how vaccines have affected healthy people and what they have done. She has done research from different universities, different scientists, and looking at different stories from people whose lives have been affected by vaccines.
Kwok is a freelance science writer and has researched many public …show more content…

She uses this to argue and prove her point about vaccines. She uses scientists’ research to show us that “Vaccines will never be 100 percent safe”, (Eskola).
She uses John Salamone’s story for pathos. His story was about how his child got polio by a vaccine and she uses this story to get the attention of readers who have children. She uses his story as an example to prove that although it is not often, vaccines do in fact have serious side effects that we sometimes overlook. She used this as a perfect example of her thesis, “Hysteria about false vaccine risks often overshadows the challenges of detecting the real ones.” (Kwok).
What could be better is how she uses Salamone’s story as pathos because she could have used it a little more throughout her research to better get the attention of more parents and let them know that children are more at risk, “Vaccines face a tougher…Because they are given to healthy people often children.”

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