The Responsibility Of Creon In Oedipus The King

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At the end of the play, Oedipus the king, once Oedipus is exiled, the new king is proclaimed to be Creon. Oedipus is a hero, good at the heart and very just in his actions, and that is what made him unsuitable to be properly king. He was kind, yet to a fault. The thoughts needed to be a king are different than those that are needed to be a hero. Creon, however, has the thought process necessary to be king, and a good one at that. Creon will be a different type of leader than Oedipus, as they have different morals and ways of thinking and so he will know to avoid the mistakes Oedipus made. Creon is both kind and logical, the perfect mixture for king qualities, something that Oedipus did not have. “I’m ready now, or we might go inside.”(104). Oedipus prefers to be public with all his decisions, letting the citizens know exactly what he is thinking and feeling. Although it might seem secretive, Creon is right about sharing the information inside, there are some things that must be discussed and thought out before revealing, so that there isn’t any miscommunication. There are …show more content…

While Oedipus slanders the gods at every chance given, Creon is more respectful, he listens to what the gods say and follow their instructions, so the chance of yet another plague due to the anger of the gods is unlikely. The destruction that hailed onto Thebes was due to Oedipus’ murder of Laius, but one has to think that perhaps the reason the gods even brought up now was because of his constant smearing of the gods skills and knowledge. Perhaps, if he was more respectful, the price of his murder may have been let off and forgotten, seeing as he is a hero. Yet he brought this anger down on himself, on all of Thebes, and Creon was the one who knew how to fix it not Oedipus. Creon was the one who called for Tiresias, who knew that the gods needed something in return for the cease of the

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