The Rise Of Julius Caesar And The French Revolution

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There is no use denying the fact that history of any country and the world is comprised of a great number of various events triggered by the activity of leaders, who were able to inspire people, make them belied in a certain idea and follow him/her. These personalities changes the image of the world forever and lead to the appearance of some unique phenomena which predetermine further development of society and the whole world. These personalities contribute to the development of social thought and mentality. These personalities also are known by people all over the world due to their unique achievements of ambivalent character. Julius Caesar is known as the founder of the Roman Empire, Charles the Great as a great Emperor of the Middle Ages and there are a great number of other famous names which changed our world. Napoleon Bonaparte is among them. He became the hero of the French Revolution, a person who was excepted to change the image of France providing liberation and equality for its citizens. Thus, having plunge France into a chain of wars, Napoleon turned into the tyrant, which contradicted to the ideas of revolution. However, he still dreaded of equality and prosperity of France, trying to protect it and guarantee its leading role in the world policy, in order to use its influence and spread the ideas of revolution. Trying to support this statement with the clear evidence, it is necessary to analyze the background of the rise of Napoleon and conditions
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